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Credit Union Peer Analysis Made Simple

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See How Your Credit Union Measures Up with Free Peer Analysis

Data analytics plays an increasingly vital role in credit union strategy. But we know you don't always have access to the insights and business intelligence you need to succeed.

Our free peer analysis software enables you to assess your performance over time and see how you compare to other credit unions in your peer group. Using NCUA Call Report data, it gives you access to powerful insights so you can continuously review your strategy and identify opportunities within your institution.

With peer analysis by BankBI, you can:

  • Access over 30 performance reports across a range of categories including capital ratios, asset quality, earnings ratios, productivity ratios, yield ratios, and risk ratios.
  • Model your financial performance over the next five years with ‘what if’ planning scenarios.
  • Merge the balance sheets from two credit unions with 'what if merger analysis' to forecast combined financial performance over the next five years.
  • Share comprehensive pdf results packs with your colleagues. Our software generates these automatically every quarter.

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