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Our 3 Favourite TED Talks On Social and Sustainable Investing

by Simon Goble on April 22, 2016

Topics: Microfinance | Performance Management | Impact Investing

Social and sustainable investing can have significant financial returns as well as making a positive difference for people. In some cases, these investments can exceed market returns.


Audrey Choi: “How to make a profit while making a difference”

Length: 12 min. 34 sec.

Sustainable investment expert Audrey Choi asks “can global capital markets become catalysts for social change?

According to Harvard Business School research “if you had invested a dollar 20 years ago in a portfolio of companies that focused narrowly on making more money quarter by quarter, that one dollar would have grown to 14 dollars and 46 cents.

That's not bad until you consider that if instead, you'd invested that same dollar in a portfolio of companies that focused on growing their business and on the most important environmental and social issues, that one dollar would have grown to 28 dollars and 36 cents.”


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Chris McKnett: “The investment logic for sustainability”

Length: 12 min. 15 sec.

Sustainable investment champion Chris McKnett discusses why investors need to look at a company's environmental, social and governance structures and says “about 80 percent of global CEOs see sustainability as the root to growth in innovation and leading to competitive advantage in their industries.

But 93 percent see ESG as the future, or as important to the future of their business. So the views of CEOs are clear. There's tremendous opportunity in sustainability.”


Sangu Delle: In praise of macro -- yes, macro -- finance in Africa

Length: 5 min. 53 sec.

In a provocative talk Investor Sangu Delle questions whether microfinance, providing small loans to entrepreneurs, is the best way to drive growth in developing countries.


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