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Financial Performance Management for Banks

Improve the financial performance of your bank with our cloud-based analytics solution.

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Intelligent Financial Performance, Delivered from One Cloud-based Platform

BankBI allows you to better manage your bank’s financial performance and perform detailed data analytics. Our solution integrates directly with your general ledger and core banking systems to provide finance teams with daily insights without the need for manual data management. It’s fast, intuitive, and requires no upfront investment in technology infrastructure.

The Benefits of Automated Performance Management


Unlock resources with automation and save more time gathering data


Improve the accuracy and integrity of your reports


Standardize data governance inside the BankBI application


Establish a permanent audit trail for internal and external auditors


Reduce reliance on key staff with easy-to-run reports

Fast Implementation to Serve Multiple Stakeholder Requirements

Automate financial performance management and prudential regulatory reporting using one data platform. BankBI takes existing extracts directly from core banking systems and the general ledger system. You don't need a data warehouse to use BankBI, but our solution is compatible with a range of data storage solutions.

Automate Regulatory Reporting

Automated reports save time, cut costs, and reduce stress. BankBI takes manual, labor-intensive tasks and automates them to ensure accuracy and simplicity.

  • BankBI automatically creates a regulatory reporting audit trail.
  • Automate key person dependency to reduce key person risks.
  • Satisfy the regulator’s requirements with accurate, fully automated reports.
  • BankBI clients save hundreds of hours per month across key staff members.

Accelerate from Monthly to Daily Reporting with Branch Level Reports

Automated reports allow you to move from monthly to daily reporting with ease. This gives you more detailed, up-to-date insights into your branch activity.

  • Report departmental and branch level expenses.

  • Move to financial reporting by branch and deliver branch profitability reports.

  • Empower branch managers to take ownership of their balance sheet and expenses by providing them with daily information.

  • Track daily loan and deposit movements by branch and account officer.

Implement Actionable Insights for a Deeper Understanding of Your Customers

Centralize and reconcile data from multiple sources, including loan products, and deposits, to generate opportunities to engage with your customers.

  • Increase retention of term deposits and loan repricing.
  • Manage your new customer onboarding strategy by monitoring the age range of your new customers.
  • Identify the next best product to offer your customers with your own cross-sell product matrix.
  • Identify customers you can pre-approve for loan products with credit score filters.
  • Track top deposit and top loan accounts by customer to manage high concentration risks.

Enable Finance Innovation with a Cloud-based Strategy

Our financial performance management solution can be your first step to realizing a cloud-based data strategy. Easy to implement and manage with no IT support, BankBI gives you fast and easy access to the power of cloud technology.

  • No hardware requirements.
  • No reliance on IT.
  • Automate financial reporting without the
    need for Excel.
  • Improved data accuracy and integrity.
  • Report in local currency as well as head office currency.
  • Multiple language capability.

Manage Your Financial Performance Intelligently

BankBi can help you transform your financial management with powerful tools and cloud-based features. Book a consultation to learn more.

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