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Why BankBI

Power your decision-making with accurate, daily financial insights. BankBI integrates seamlessly with your general ledger and core banking system and harnesses automation to streamline your operations and maximize profitability.

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Smart Solutions for Today’s Financial Institutions


Manage financial performance better. Our fast and intuitive cloud-based system gives you unlimited access to invaluable business intelligence and strategic insights.

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Credit Unions

Regain control of your financial performance. With BankBI, you can access daily analytics, share dynamic reports, measure your credit union against your peers, and more.

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Manage the Future, Today

Get the tools you need to unleash your data’s full potential. Work smarter with a fully automated, cloud-based analytics solution that lets you collect, access, and share actionable business intelligence whenever and wherever you need to.

  • Make informed, data-driven decisions
  • Enhance performance at every level
  • Automate manual reporting tasks
  • Achieve results in days, not years

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Integrate with Your Core Systems

Harness the power of BankBI right out of the box with our effortless integrations.

Core Banking Systems

If we don't already support your core banking system, get in touch and we'll discuss ways to work within your parameters.

General Ledger Systems

If we don't already support your general ledger system, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Fuel Your Financial Strategy

Experience the benefits of an end-to-end analytics solution. Consolidate and reconcile data from multiple sources to create a single version of the truth.

Financial Performance

Transform decision-making across your institution with role-based dashboards and reports.

  • Access daily financials from anywhere
  • Re-forecast financial performance in real-time
  • Manage your balance sheet, income statements, and financial ratios

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Banking Performance

Monitor regional, branch, officer, and product performance at every level with in-depth banking analytics.

  • Track daily loan and deposit activity
  • Manage loan portfolio quality, profitability, and risk
  • Spot outliers in your data to quickly spot and address issues

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Actionable Insights

Identify opportunities to grow your institution with actionable daily insights.

  • Drill deeper into your data to find cross-sell opportunities and manage risk
  • Deliver targeted customer/member campaigns with multi-dimensional filtering
  • Create and share intuitive reports across teams

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Regulatory Reporting

Deliver timely, error-free reports with fully automated regulatory reporting.

  • Never miss a deadline
  • Automate repetitive reporting tasks to win back time in your day
  • Simplify audits with full visibility of business rules, transformations, and adjustments.

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Trusted By Global Financial Institutions

Top-down Integration Means Faster Time to Value for Crossroads

“I can go in daily and have that information at my fingertips and in one platform […]The journey and the project have been very good.”

Rhonda Fullawka

Rhonda Fullawka, Crossroads Credit Union

Manager of Finance

Ideal Credit Union Automates Financial Reporting & Analytics

“We know with BankBI that we’ll get to a point where we have financial, loan, and deposit analysis delivered in an automated, efficient way with various levels of granularity.”

DB Profile@2x

Dennis Bauer, Ideal Credit Union

Chief Financial Officer

Improving Decision-making for VisionFund

“BankBI go the extra mile to get us where we want to be – making informed decisions”

TA Profile@2x

Tom Allen, VisionFund

International Global Director of Change & Programmes

Work Smarter with BankBI

Simplify your operations with the financial analytics solution built to empower banks and credit unions.

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