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Why BankBI

We believe that automated financial, product, and customer-related performance management, data driven insights, and benchmarking is essential for Banks, Credit Unions, and Microfinance institutions.

They provide the foundation from which financial institutions can measure, monitor, and manage their overall performance more effectively in times of change. This, in turn, enables them to deliver operational efficiency, cost reduction, and improved profitability.


Manage the Future, Today

BankBI gives you the tools you need to unlock the power of your data. Our mission is to help you enhance financial, product, and customer performance, so you can:

  • Stay ahead of technology trends
  • Automate manual reporting tasks
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions
  • Achieve results in days, not years

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Actionable, Daily Insights

The most effective business decisions are supported by daily, accurate, hard data. To help you make better business decisions BankBI delivers essential daily actionable insights – whenever and wherever you operate – enabling you to enhance banking performance management at every level of your organisation.

Banking Performance
Actionabale Daily Insights
Reforecast your financial position in real time

Re-Forecast Your Financial Performance in Real Time

In rapidly evolving scenarios, businesses need an up-to-date snapshot of finances re-forecast in real time – based on changing economic and financial indicators.

BankBI allows you to model your balance sheet, income statement, and financial ratios in real-time, based on “what-if” economic forecasts. Manage the impact of change and leverage accurate, validated data to open the door to greater visibility and transparency for your business decisions.

Financial Performance
Reforecast your financial position in real time

Never Miss Regulatory Reporting Deadlines

Automate away those repetitive, time-consuming, error prone regulatory reporting tasks, and create more time to spend on the tasks that generate the most value.

BankBI maps your validated results directly from your core systems to the regulator chart of accounts to deliver the ultimate end user experience – simply select the regulatory report dates and view the validated results. The added transparency of business rules, transformations, and adjustments make the audit process simple and ensure you never miss a deadline again.

Regulatory Reporting
automated management reporting

Automated Management Reporting

Effectively automate your management reporting by lighting up our full set of Banking Ratios with your data in days using our data first approach.

We know exactly the data we need and where to find it - with minimal impact on your people and resources. Have peace of mind that your business leaders can access accurate and timely financial performance analysis whenever and wherever needed.

Automate the Board Pack

Enable Remote Working with Rapid Cloud Based Deployment

Cloud technology has grown to encompass a diverse range of industries. Banking is no different, and we firmly believe that business leaders are ready to adopt the latest cloud applications and take ownership of rapid, cost-effective, and flexible solutions.

BankBI is 100% cloud based to facilitate remote working. It gives you the freedom to monitor your financial, product, and customer-related performance management from anywhere in the world on any device – simplified and systemised where possible – and free up key resources.

Data-First Approach to Automation in Days

Our customers have experienced the shortcomings of manual approaches to financial performance management first-hand. That’s why BankBI work hard to help unlock the power of automation for business leaders.

Finance process automation saves costs and time to deliver accurate actionable insights whenever and wherever you need it. We measure our project in days from start to result, not months.


Creating Smarter Strategies Through Customer Collaboration

Community participation forms the cornerstone of our product offering.

We work with you to develop our product roadmap and help you take full ownership of your solution. To that end, our automation and banking analytics software is delivered via a simple software-as-a-service subscription model that we can adapt to suit financial institutions of all shapes and sizes. In that way, all of our customers have access to the latest functionality at all times.

Seamless Integrations

Our Goal Is to Make Your Life Easier

Get in touch with BankBI to discover how unparalleled financial, product, and customer-related performance management software delivers operational efficiency, cost reduction, and improved earnings.

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