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Core Banking Software Integrations

Harness the power of unparalleled financial analytics and time-saving automated reporting with BankBI's core banking software integrations.

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BankBI Integrates with Most Major Core Banking, General Ledger, and Data Warehouse Systems

BankBI can be integrated with the most popular banking systems on the market. Core data is automatically loaded and processed to produce detailed financial reports, giving you unequaled insight into your organization’s financial position.

Our pre-built integrations are compatible with a growing number of core banking and general ledger systems.

Core Banking Systems

If we don't already support your core banking system, get in touch and we'll discuss ways to work within your parameters.

General Ledger Systems

If we don't already support your general ledger system, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Three Steps to Powerful Analytics and Automated Reporting

With automated daily reports and banking analytics, you have everything you need to generate actionable insights from your financial data, adding value to every stage of the reporting process — all available from a single, comprehensive dashboard.

The modern CFO has a vast number of banking systems to choose between. Fortunately, integrating with BankBI is wonderfully straightforward — whether you require a general overview of your organisation’s balance sheet or the capacity to track the daily movements of loans and deposits at the branch level.


Step 1

Upload the data from your existing general ledger or core banking system (loans, deposits, customer segmentation information, and anything else you require to monitor the financial health of your organisation) to BankBI.


Step 2

Once the transfer has been completed, our sophisticated model creates comprehensive data views. This information is then used to power our series of pre-rendered dashboards and reports on your behalf — no coding or report-building required.


Step 3

Simply sit back and watch as your newly-integrated software diverts a continuous stream of data and automated reports direct to your fingertips. Crucially, this information is delivered on a daily, rather than a monthly basis, providing timely and reliable information to support the decision-making process.

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Start Realising the Benefits of a Fully-Managed, End-to-End Service

Extract maximum value from your banking software from transformation all the way through to visualisation with BankBI’s software integrations.

Let our team become an extension of your IT operations and discover a better way to manage data transfer and financial reporting.

Cut costs, reduce risk, and increase speed-to-value with a fully-integrated, 24-hour service.

Unparalleled Banking Analytics in Just 30 Days

Our software integrations can be completed within as little as 30 days.

Thanks to our specialised processes, we’re able to extract core banking and general ledger data, transforming and integrating it into intuitive reporting metrics. This information is then loaded into powerful, pre-rendered dashboards that are purpose built for analytics reporting.

There really is no better or more efficient way to achieve high-level financial and banking performance analytics.

Financial performance daily balance sheet

Trusted Globally by Banks and Credit Unions

Create New Member Opportunities by Adopting Financial Performance Management

“The solution will provide that deeper level of insight into our performance, ultimately enabling us to make future-forward decisions that mutually benefit us, our members, and our community.”


Christine Tucker, Synergy Credit Union

Chief Financial Officer

Daily Financials Available Anytime and Anywhere

“Access both financial performance and banking performance features anytime, anywhere, both at a summary view and a detailed view – at weekends, on the road etc.  I love this ability.  Daily financials are ready very early in the morning.”

DB Profile@2x

Dennis Bauer, Ideal Credit Union


Top-Down Integration Means Faster Time to Value for Crossroads

“I can go in daily and have that information at my fingertips and in one platform[…]The journey and the project has been very good.”


Rhonda Fullawka, Crossroads Credit Union

Manager of Finance

The Simple Solution to Financial Automation

If you’d like to learn more about our banking software integrations, book a meeting with BankBI today.

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