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Banking Software Integrations

Banking Software Integrations

Unite daily banking and financial data, and perform higher quality reporting and analysis with a fully-managed integration service.

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Effortless Extraction

Transferring Data

- STEP 1 -

Save time, money, and resources by transferring general ledger and core banking data such as loans, deposits, past due loans, money market deals and customer segmentation information to the cloud.


- STEP 2 -

We perform powerful transformations and overnight data-loading on your behalf.

Banking Data Analysis

- STEP 3 -

Experience unparalleled banking data analysis from powerful financial applications without any of the heavy lifting, using our specialised extraction processes.

Comprehensive Integration

Data pipelines read, process, transform, and load data into automated dashboards, adding value at every stage and providing you with up-to-date reporting capabilities.

MISYS Financial Software

Core Banking Systems:

  • Temenos T24
  • CGI’s RFS™
  • Mambu
  • Misys FusionBanking Equation
  • Sysde SAF
  • Loan Performer

General Ledger Systems:

  • Financial Accounting Suite (FAS) – Fiserv
  • Financial Accounting Software – Infor SunSystems
  • Prologue™ Financials – Fiserv
  • Sage


  • OnApproach M360 Enterprise
Tenemos T24 Integration

Temenos T24 Users

Temenos T24 is one of the largest core banking system providers. With our automated banking system integration, core banking data is loaded and transformed to produce detailed financial reports, offering T24 users up-to-date insight about financial position and earnings.

Professional Management

Banking Data Extraction

Simplify your data extraction processes with a fully-supported, managed service from financial experts.

Cloud Banking

Allow our team to become an extension of your overnight IT operations and experience the simpler way to manage a data-transfer to the cloud.

Banking Integrations

Realise cost-savings, increase speed-to-value, and reduce risk with a 24/7 integration service run on your behalf.

Simplified Integration

Experience a fully-managed end-to-end operation from extraction through to visualisation with banking software integrations.

Core banking and general ledger data is extracted using specialised application processes, integrated and transformed into intuitive reporting metrics, and then loaded into powerful pre-built dashboards for reporting analysis. For financial institutions, there is no simpler way to achieve financial control.

The simple solution to financial control

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