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Mambu Integration

The agility of Mambu’s composable cloud banking platform combined with the unparalleled data analytics and automated reporting technology of BankBI.

Transform financial performance within your financial institution with Mambu integration.

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Stay One Step Ahead with a Configurable Banking
Analytics System

With BankBI’s cutting-edge automated reporting and data analytics technology, financial institutions across the globe have access to an extensive, flexible data management platform. This enables you to:

  • Manage all financial reporting from a single hub
  • Close financial month-end quickly
  • Enable daily analysis of new loans and deposits
  • Preserve data integrity
  • Produce regulatory reports automatically
  • Automate calculation of all financial performance ratios

In addition, as both Mambu and BankBI are built with integration in mind, financial institutions can go to market much faster than would ever have been possible with inflexible legacy banking systems.

Improve the Integrity of Your Data Analytics

Leverage your data to gain deeper insights into the specific requirements of your clients, capitalise on emerging trends, and monitor the overall financial health of your organisation with a BankBI-Mambu integration.

From a bird’s-eye view of the current situation within a financial institution, to branch-level insights that present a clear picture of individual assets within a widespread financial network, you have access to everything you need to make accurate decisions — based on reliable, real-time data.

What’s more, the integrated platform is fully-configurable. In practical terms, this means you can track, store, and even audit relevant financial data (loans, deposits, maturity dates) from a single core system.

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Automate Reporting to Remain Agile

Inefficient core processes are the bane of many traditional banking systems. Oftentimes, this can be attributed to a lack of up-to-date financial reports; the data CFOs like you use to make important administrative decisions. It’s for that reason that automation forms the cornerstone of BankBI’s software.

By automating the creation and distribution of financial reports, you can transition away from inefficient monthly reporting cycle to a more accurate daily alternative. This allows you to drill down into specific issues, such as key performance indicators, balance sheets, and anything else that helps you monitor financial performance.

Together with Mambu’s flexible data management system and BankBI’s in-depth data analytics, decision-makers have everything they need to gain a comprehensive, top-down perspective of their organisation.

Financial performance daily balance sheet

Modernise Your Core Banking System

Interested in learning more about how integrating Mambu with BankBI can improve the flexibility of your financial institution and enhance your data analytics? Book a free, no-obligation consultation with a member of our team.

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