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Financial & Banking Performance Management Analytics for US Community Banks

Power data-driven decision-making in your organization with BankBI’s cloud-based financial performance management Software as a Service solution.

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Get the Insights You Need

Leverage pre-integration with core banking and get the daily insights you need to drive efficiency in your organization.

BankBI is tightly integrated with all the major core banking systems and offers senior management the key ratios and dashboards needed to manage the growth of their balance sheet, increase efficiency by measuring productivity, and monitor profitability on a daily basis.

Seamless Integration with Your Core Banking System

BankBI effortlessly integrates with your general ledger and core banking system to provide unparalleled financial performance insights, including:

  • Daily financial performance analysis and reporting
  • Daily loan and deposit analysis
  • Fully automated management and Board Pack reporting.

Our multi-tenant platform-as-a-services solution is deployed in multiple sites across the US, and because it’s deployed directly through Microsoft Azure, it’s ready to go right out of the box – no upfront infrastructure investment required.

Automated Daily Financial Reporting

Give your finance department the tools they need to monitor daily financial performance with ease. This includes:

  • Daily balance sheet movements.
  • Daily income statement changes.
  • Daily dashboards to track key metrics throughout the month.
  • Daily branch balance sheets and income statements.
  • Configure dashboards with the key financial performance ratios that enable you to track your bank's strategy.

Automated Daily Branch and Loan Officer Dashboards

Reconcile data from your core banking systems with your general ledger. Review loan and deposit performance across multiple branches for complete visibility into your network.

  • Track daily loan activity with weighted average rates, by each branch and loan officer.
  • Deliver detailed branch reports to help managers monitor performance.
  • Review past due trends to support your customers.

Automated Management and Board Reporting

Help key stakeholders monitor performance with automated monthly management PDF reports. Looking for a more dynamic approach? BankBI also lets you present interactive performance trend data during management meetings to bring your business insights to life.

Enable managers to see the information they need to do their jobs using role-based reports. For example, branch managers can see their own data but not data for other branches.

Create Actionable Insights to Grow your Community Bank

Centralize and reconcile key data from multiple sources, including your core banking system, to grow your bank. Harness daily analytics to create actionable lists of opportunities to engage with your customers.

  • Track customers with deposits set to mature within 7, 14, 28 days.
  • Locate customers with approaching loan repricing dates.
  • Identify top accounts and top customers by balance and product.
  • List all loans and past due loans by aged analysis.

Discover Cross-Sell Opportunities

Ensure your customers have access to the right products with BankBI’s cross-sell product matrix. Identify which customers have which products to uncover new opportunities and provide the best service possible.

  • Identify customers that have good credit scores but don’t have specific products, like credit cards.
  • Locate customers with loans but no checking account within your bank.
  • Ensure you meet your customer onboarding strategy by monitoring the age range of your new customers.
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We Empower US Community Banks

Grow your bank with truly actionable, daily financial performance insights. Explore our cloud-based analytics solution. 


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