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Platform Overview

Business intelligence, analytics, and reporting

Discover why BankBI is the industry-leading business intelligence, analytics, and reporting platform trusted by financial institutions across the globe.

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Consolidate & Reconcile Data from Multiple Sources

BankBI offers a unique way to reconcile banking and finance data. Choose from a growing list of pre-built extracts, sourced from some of the best-known general ledger and core banking systems, to establish a single version of the truth across your institution. Deliver use cases to multiple stakeholders with confidence.

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Unlock the Value of your Data with Automated Data Flows

For years, analysts have told banks and credit unions to do more with their data. But that’s easier said than done.

We designed BankBI with automation and ease of use in mind. Simply load your data and sit back as our platform automates your data workflows and populates your reports. All you have to do is confirm the reconciled results.

Getting Started with BankBI

BankBI gives you access to a one-off data mapping through our Integrations Hub.

Our implementation team takes care of the hard work. Once we map your data to our banking model, you immediately gain automated reporting and analytics across your institution.

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Automate Performance Reporting for All Stakeholders

To build a solid performance management programme, you must first consider the needs of your finance department.

We work closely with your finance team to create accurate and reconcilable reports and performance information that you can share with stakeholders across your institution. Increase confidence in your numbers and turn your finance professionals from manual data collectors and reporters into automated business intelligence users.

Our Platform's Always Evolving

We work with our clients to identify the biggest pain points for today’s financial institutions and develop new applications to address them. And we make these available to our entire user base so everyone can enjoy the benefits.

Early adopters of new applications can even help shape the future of the BankBI platform by providing valuable feedback during development.


Invest in an Industry-Leading Platform

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