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Codebase Digibanc, BankSmart and IslamicBanker integrations

Fully Integrated Financial Performance as a Service

Automated financial performance as a service with Codebase Digibanc, BankSmart and Islamic Banker integrations.

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The Advantages of BankBI’s Financial Performance as a Service Integrated to Codebase

  • BankBI has an experienced management and delivery team with experience of both conventional banking reporting projects and Islamic Banking reporting projects
  • BankBI enables financial reconciliation of core banking products at the chart of account level by mapping both general ledger data and core banking product data to BankBI from Codebase
  • Automate the creation of your monthly management report packs for analysis by your management team and the board of the bank
  • Our What If Strategic Planning feature enables you to run scenarios of future financial performance and see the effects on key financial ratios such as the capital ratio over the next five years
  • Industry standard financial performance ratios are calculated automatically as well as any of your own key financial performance ratios
  • Dashboards are available as standard for branch product performance, loan officer analytics, new sales production
  • BankBI does not require personally identifiable information (PII) from your customers. BankBI uses summarised customer attributes to enable you to slice and dice the data by summarised customer dimensions.

Enable Daily Financial Performance Management in Addition to Your Monthly Reporting

Financial institutions are recognising the growing trend and requirement to add daily financial performance reporting capabilities to their existing month end financial reporting processes. BankBI enables CFOs and the executive team to get actionable insights every day, using the latest data. Measuring the right information and monitoring it daily provides the opportunity to act and make decisions quickly, based upon up to date business intelligence.

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Technology Partnership Between Codebase and BankBI Enables Quick Time to Value

BankBI have partnered with Codebase to integrate to Codebase’s core banking solutions enabling users of Codebase technology to benefit from a quick time to value on their financial performance management implementation.

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