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Banking Performance

Whether you’re a branch manager or part of the C-suite, on the move or at the office, we ensure daily loan and deposit sales figures are always at your disposal – any place and time, on any device.

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Track New Loan & Deposit Activity Every Day

BankBI helps you answer questions such as:

  • How many loans have we disbursed this month?
  • Are we meeting our operating targets for new products?
  • What are the average interest rates for new loans and deposits?

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executive loan dashboard sc
Loan Officer Scorecard

Review Regional, Branch & Loan Officer Performance

Analyse performance by region, branch, and loan officer by monitoring:

  • The number of loans and deposits
  • Outstanding balances
  • Average balances and disbursements for the month, quarter and year.

Engage and empower the branch network by giving each member access to their own performance data, updated daily.

Loan Officer Scorecard

Manage the Quality of the Loan Portfolio

Our diverse range of portfolio at risk, write off, and recovery reports enable you to identify trends over time and answer questions such as "how many loans are past due?" with analysis of balances by past due-days bandings. Once loans go past a certain number of days, our Banking Performance module lets you analyse how many are being written off.

Loan Tree Slicer

Monitor Product Profitability

Using analytics to monitor interest rate margins enables you to assess the profitability of the loan portfolio and the cost of funds. And you get the ability to slice and dice by branch, loan officer and profit centres.

Identity Portfolio Risks

Our vintage analysis report lets you assess the changes in quality over time by looking at the loan portfolio by month and year of the origination of the loans. Loans will reflect the credit quality of the loan portfolio at the time of origination, so you can see what effect changes in credit policy have on the portfolio.

Discover Outliers Within the Data

Look for anomalies in your data using outlier reports by region, branch and at loan officer level to help identify, understand and plan how to address potential issues as they arise.

Improving Decision-Making

“BankBI go the extra mile to get us where we want to be, making informed decisions”

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Tom Allen, VisionFund
International Global Director of Change & Programmes

Get to Peak Performance with BankBI

We’re on a mission to help banks and credit unions realise their full performance potential. To discuss how we can help you unlock further value in your financial data and improve decision-making, book your free meeting today.

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