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Musoni Integration

Automated Financial and Social Performance as a Service

Enable the senior management team at your microfinance institution to make data-driven decisions by delivering financial performance and social performance as a service, with Musoni integration.

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The Benefits of Using BankBI for Financial and Social Performance

  • A tried and tested integration that is up and running for live clients already. This has made the integration simple and fast to replicate for other MFIs
  • Automated software for daily loans and savings analysis using the daily extract from Musoni to BankBI
  • Report on the social impact of the microfinance institution to key stakeholders with BankBI’s out of the box social performance reporting
  • What If Strategic Planning enables the management team of the Microfinance Institution to run scenarios of future financial performance including calculation of the financial ratios that are key to MFI sustainability
  • Prudential regulatory reporting to central bank regulators can be automated and delivered as a service as all the data points are integrated to BankBI
  • The trend analysis capability of BankBI provides early identification of risks and opportunities, enabling data-driven decisions

The Integration Partnership Between Musoni and BankBI Enables a Fast Return on Investment

The integration partnership enables more than 80 different data points to be sent automatically from Musoni to BankBI each day. Having built the integration for clients already, new clients can benefit from the existing investment in the research and development that makes this integration partnership successful.

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VisionFund Myanmar Live on Musoni and BankBI

“BankBI complements the reporting capability of Musoni and allows executive management to get the data and insights they need without needing to directly access the core banking system. Before BankBI, our functional departments were on the receiving end of never-ending and always-changing information requests from executive management that often took hours and days to produce, frustrating both parties. With BankBI, executive management have direct access to an extensive array of actionable information. Rarely do our executive management team need a view of the data that they cannot get from BankBI, making both them and our functional departments happy.”

Tim Tempany
Program Director of VisonFund Myanmar

Get More From Your Data

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We offer free consultations and demo meetings to help you understand exactly how this will help you gain maximum value from your data and streamline financial reporting within your organisation.

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