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FAS General Ledger and Fiserv Prologue Integrations

Automated Financial Performance as a Service

Get your automated financial performance as a service up and running quickly using BankBI’s pre-built FAS general ledger and Fiserve Prologue integrations.

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The Benefits of using BankBI for Financial Performance Management Reporting

  • Automate the creation of your monthly management report packs for analysis by your management team and the board of the bank
  • Use our What If Strategic Planning dashboard to run scenarios of future financial performance and visualize the effects on key financial ratios such as the capital ratio
  • Run two general ledger extracts, one for close of business and one for restatement of the previous financial month end
  • Use our daily reconciliation reports to reconcile general ledger product balances back to the product balances in your core banking system
  • Retain your general ledger codes in BankBI so the data in BankBI is easily reconcilable back to your general ledger system
  • Automated calculation of industry standard financial performance ratios, as well as any of your own key financial performance ratios
  • Role based; pre-built executive dashboards ensure that people are seeing the right performance information at the right time. Control who sees daily data and who sees month end data once it has been published by your finance department
  • We have a team of experience Financial Analysts to guide you through your implementation and ensure that you get maximum value from our financial performance as a service offering.

Transition from Monthly Reporting to Daily Performance Management

Financial institutions are increasingly evolving from only doing month end financial reporting to the daily automation of financial reporting and performance management in easy to use reports and dashboards. BankBI enables CFOs and the executive team to get actionable insights every day, using the latest data. Measuring the right information and monitoring it daily provides the opportunity to act and make decisions to better manage your financial institution.

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Simple to Set up Integration with Fiserv Prologue and FAS General Ledger Systems

We provide you with the list of fields required to enable you to run daily standard extracts form your Fiserv general ledger system. We integrate the results of these scheduled extracts to BankBI to provide you with your automated daily financial reporting and performance dashboards enabling you to perform analysis every day on any device.

Get More From Your Data

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