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Loan & Deposit Portfolio Analysis Software

Unlock hidden potential in your loan and deposit data with Actionable Insights from BankBI. Improve customer retention, identify cross-sell opportunities, and manage risk across your bank or credit union.

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Customer Retention

Analyse deposit & loan data with precision using multi-dimensional filtering.

Identify loans and deposits by customers that are set to mature in the coming days, weeks and months.


Monitor new customer deposits and loans from the last month through year-to-date. Identify customers who haven’t taken up new products as expected.

Track balance growth on new products, including credit cards.


Identify the next best product to offer your customers with our cross-sell product matrix.

Identify customers you can pre-approve for loan products with our credit score filter.

Spot relationships and monitor trends, including top up loan or deposit accounts.


Analyse past due loans by days past due range, branch, product, and account officer.

Create comprehensive lists of overdrawn checking accounts.

Detect potential concentration risk with Pareto 80/20 charting.

Multi-Dimensional Filtering

Classify your customers and deliver targeted campaigns with extensive filtering capabilities.

Actionable Insights is built on a dynamic rules-based query engine. This means you have access to powerful, multi-dimensional filtering across all reports. Segment your data by:

  • Date
  • Branch
  • Region
  • Product
  • Account officer
  • Maturity date
  • Start date

Actionable Insights' filtering capabilities enable assembly of precise sets of customers for campaign targeting - all without the need for the long-term and costly projects associated with data warehousing.

Feed Omnichannel & Campaign Management Systems

Actionable Insights makes it easy to export lists of customers to digital omnichannel, CRM, and loan origination systems to support continuous customer campaigns.

Pareto Distribution Charting

Visualise your data using simple and intuitive Pareto charts. Recognise concentrations of customers and products so you can answer key questions like, “Which branches have the most maturing loans in the next 7/14/30 days?”

Our built-in Pareto tool lets you drill deeper into your data. Identify customers by branch and export your lists at the click of a button.


Virtuous Data Circles

Capitalise on the loan and deposit information you already have. Actionable Insights works alongside our loan-funnel analytics capability to analyse in-coming loan applications, enabling you to drive balance sheet growth, profitability, and greater customer wallet share.




Unlock Hidden Opportunities in Your Data

Book a meeting with our consultants to discuss how our loan and deposit portfolio analysis software can drive actionable insights in your institution.

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