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Case Study

Top-Down Integration Means Faster Time to Value for Crossroads

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Fiserv DNA

Fiserv FAS

Getting Started

On the back of successes in the US, we collaborated with Celero to become more involved in the Canadian credit union market. Celero facilitated a webinar where we could explain to potential prospects the unique selling points behind our vision to our credit union customers in Canada. After pitching the core value proposition of BankBI to a variety of credit unions, Crossroads Credit Union immediately got in touch with us.

Part of our sales process involves giving potential prospects access to a full demo version of the BankBI software to expose them to the application before committing. This enables them to see the financial and banking performance capabilities in action, without using their data. This was the same process we went through with Crossroads.

They were impressed, and within a week of the project starting, Crossroads were seeing their balance sheet integrated into our system. But their main issue was bigger than that – they knew they had all this data, but they couldn’t bring it to life and make it work for them.

The Need

Crossroads were faced with a key challenge – their banking and finance systems were filled with useful data, but from a performance management point of view, they had no way of consolidating it. They saw no easy way of interrogating what data they had, meaning they couldn’t use it to its fullest potential and present a single version of their truth.

“They were looking to automate. They knew they had this data in their systems, but they weren’t able to visualise it.”

Graham Goble, BankBI

Organisations like Crossroads are lending organisations. They need to be able to monitor and manage their loan portfolio, and need visible data to answer questions like:

  • ‘Are we hitting our targets month-to-month?’
  • ‘What’s the funding we need to keep the business going?’

However, in a world of manual processes and spreadsheets for management reporting, it can be difficult.

Changing and restructuring your chart of accounts hierarchy to improve your reporting is much harder with static processes, and many organisations like credit unions struggle to get the most out of their data. That’s where BankBI comes in.

“When I looked at the product, it really spoke to what Crossroads needed and wanted[…]It was very user-friendly and incorporated our banking performance and our financial performance in one.”

Rhonda Fullawka, Crossroads Credit Union
Manager of Finance

The Solution

At BankBI, we deliver financial performance as a service for credit unions, so we knew that we’d be a perfect fit for Crossroads’ needs. By automating financial reporting, we’re able to lift a huge burden from an organisation like Crossroads’ shoulders.

“The journey for them was relatively straightforward. The key is that we take all the heavy lifting away.”

Graham Goble, BankBI

Data visibility is key to being able to harness it and use it properly, and we deliver daily performance dashboards that help businesses measure, monitor, and manage performance thanks to actionable insights. The BankBI platform empowers financial leaders to manage and monitor their financial performance by translating the data taken from credit unions’ internal technology into cost-saving insights.

Crossroads were able to dive straight into the application. The project with Crossroads began in January, and by the end of February, they were live with financial performance insights. Celero helped facilitate easy integration with the core banking system they host on behalf of Crossroads Credit Union, and delivered integration by March, going live in the same month.


We helped Crossroads unlock their data by taking their financial data (the balance sheet and income statement components) and their loan and deposit portfolio from their core banking system and reconcile the two together in a harmonious way.

Organisations like Crossroads struggle to achieve this when someone from within their business forgets or doesn’t know to apply the correct accounting view to the data when dealing with finance. The numbers become harder to reconcile. BankBI pulls those disparate data sources together to provide accurate financial information. By doing so, we provided Crossroads with a sound foundation of business intelligence and performance management data.

“Within the project, we were providing all of the integration out of the box that they were going to need for their system. Their experience was that we were able to deliver and show value very quickly.”

Graham Goble, BankBI

They have the balance sheet with the total number of mortgages per branch, for example, but now each of those mortgages can be broken down even further into finer details, including:

  • Account officer
  • Customer gender
  • Credit score
  • Type of account

This new data is important, but it also updates every single day – one area this helps in particular is helping Crossroads better understand the yield on its lending portfolios.

As part of the delivery, we also integrated Crossroads’ loan origination data. We’re analysing their loan funnel – what gives Crossroads’ a good indicator of their performance is the number of applications they receive, their quality, and how many are approved or rejected. The analysis of that funnel, coupled with the analysis of the portfolio itself when linked backed to the finances to make sure it all agrees, is where BankBI is really able to help.

The Top-Down Approach

Many organisations take the data warehousing approach. But as part of our delivery, we felt the top-down approach was much more effective for Crossroads. They needed to make zero investment in technology or infrastructure, possessed no other licenses other than BankBI, and we provided immediate value as opposed to how long it takes to build data warehouses.

BankBI offers a rapid time-to-value, especially when compared to bottom-up approaches. Having come from the world of data warehousing, the team at BankBI are in a unique position to turn the traditional methods on their heads. Combine this with the speed and agility of a cloud-based SaaS product, and BankBI was uniquely positioned to deliver on all the areas Crossroads needed to help them innovate and drive automation in their field. Not only that, but BankBI can also take feeds directly from datawarehouses to help you leverage that investment and deliver on the last mile of reporting.

“We started seeing our own data in February[…]The experience has been second-to-none. The knowledge in the team has been absolutely wonderful. The project was executed on time and they are very easy to work with.”

Rhonda Fullawka, Crossroads Credit Union
Manager of Finance


By working with Celero to automate the Fiserv DNA extracts for all their hosted customers, we were able to deliver a transformation in the way Crossroads Credit Union handles its financial data. By helping them achieve automation in their processes, they’re able to push innovation in the finances field further than before.

These are just some of the ways we helped to shake up the way they worked:

  • Daily data views
  • Automated management reporting
  • New opportunities

Incorporating business intelligence into their financial performance management transformed the way Crossroads looked at their data, giving them the freedom to use that data more effectively than ever before.

“I can go in daily and have that information at my fingertips and in one platform[…]The journey and the project has been very good.”

Rhonda Fullawka, Crossroads Credit Union
Manager of Finance

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