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Fiserv DNA Integration

Automated Loan and Deposit Performance Management

Implement BankBI’s automated performance management software using our tried and tested Fiserv DNA integration.

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The Advantages of Working with BankBI for DNA Performance Management Reporting

  • Our integration with DNA Platform is running daily in many clients already so we have an experienced team ready to support you through your implementation
  • BankBI does not require a dedicated connection to the core banking system to integrate your data to BankBI
  • We do not require personally identifiable information (PII) from your members or customers
  • You can retain the product hierarchy or groupings from your core banking system within BankBI
  • Dashboards are available as standard for branch product performance, loan officer analytics, new sales production of loans and deposits with weighted average rates trends. This means that you can give branch managers and loan officers or financial advisors daily performance management information which can be compared to targets.
  • Many of our clients go from static month end reporting to daily performance management enabling them to spot trends quicker and take advantage of opportunities or take corrective action sooner.

Benefit from Quick Time to Value with our Fiserv DNA Platform Integration

BankBI’s integration with Fiserv DNA Platform is simple to set up using a DNA query. BankBI supply the fields that are required from DNA to enable you to create a scheduled daily query. Once the query has been created and run, we can integrate the query results straight into BankBI to automatically populate your daily performance dashboards.

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Complement Fiserv DNA Data with Data from other Sources

Many of our clients have additional data sources from other landing systems such as mortgages, credit cards, and student loans. BankBI has the flexibility to integrate data from other lending systems to give you a complete picture of your product portfolio performance.

Get More From Your Data

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