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CGI RFS360 Integration

Get maximum value from your financial performance data and discover new opportunities to grow your credit union with our CGI RFS360 integration.


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Access Powerful Daily Insights

Equip your finance teams with the tools they need to measure, monitor, and improve performance across your credit union. Our seamless CGI RFS integration lets you:

  • Monitor daily financial performance your way. Track balance sheet movements, income statement changes, and more with ease.
  • Review loan and deposit performance. Assess daily loan activity and past due trends across your network for complete visibility.
  • Track credit union performance over time. Keep everyone in the loop with automated monthly management PDF reports and interactive performance trend data.

Take the Strain Out of Financial Reporting

Populate financial performance, banking performance, and regulatory reports instantly on the BankBI platform using MIS extracts.

Simply upload your MIS files to BankBI using our pre-built CGI RFS360 integration and our data pipelines will map and transform your data automatically. Or you can integrate MIS extracts through your data warehouse to enrich your data before you upload it.


Financial Performance

From daily financial reporting to loan and deposit analysis, our multi-tenant solution puts unparalleled financial performance insight at your fingertips.

Bring your data strategies to life and make more informed decisions with BankBI and CGI RFS360.

Banking Performance

Track daily loan and deposit activity anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Centralise and reconcile data from a range of sources. Access daily insights to unlock actionable opportunities. Engage with your members and identify mutually beneficial cross-sell opportunities.

Regulatory Reporting

No matter which province you work in, you can simplify regulatory reporting with BankBI’s fully automated, cloud-based solution.

Automate the flow of data from source files to the provincial regulator's standard return format. Save time, free up resources, and improve the integrity of your reports.

Get More From Your Data

Get in touch with BankBI today to discuss integrating our unrivalled banking analysis software with CGI RFS360.

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