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How Ideal Credit Union Automated Financial Reporting

by Simon Goble on April 12, 2018

Topics: Financial Reporting | news | Integration

When Dennis R. Bauer, EVP and Chief Financial Officer at Ideal Credit Union wanted to automate financial reporting at Ideal Credit Union, he selected BankBI.

“We’d been chatting to OnApproach about how we needed to change things; eliminate risk and add efficiency via automation.

They introduced us to BankBI - one of their partners. It was good to find a partner via someone we already worked with – the data warehouse – it meant that change was minimal. We had a trustworthy recommendation when it came to using BankBI and it meant that the three of us were more closely aligned when it came to actually getting down to business,” says Bauer.

We knew that we could harness our collective experience and knowledge to build a standard extract to Ideal’s OnApproach M360 data warehouse to connect to their data and if this helped solve the issue for Dennis we might have something that would be beneficial to the wider credit union movement.

If you would like to talk to us about automating financial reporting & analytics in your credit union please get in touch with us to see if we can help.

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