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Temenos T24

With Temenos T24 integration, combine the world’s most popular banking system with the unsurpassed analytical power and automation technology of BankBI.

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How a Temenos T24 Integration Can Help You

BankBI’s Temenos T24 integration allows you to consolidate data analytics across your network or banking group.

What’s more, even if you use multiple versions of T24 simultaneously, you can leverage our software to automate the reporting process. This enables you to extract maximum value from your financial data at anytime, anywhere, on any device, helping you make better informed decisions for your organisation.

Streamline Financial Management with Automated Reporting

For almost three decades, banks and credit unions around the world have used Temenos T24's core banking system as a system of record. However, by combining the scalability and depth of Temenos’ service offering with BankBI’s powerful report automation technology, CFOs can transform financial management within their organisations.

How? By transitioning from a monthly to a daily reporting cycle. One that, thanks to automation, provides you with regular, reliable updates on the financial health of your organisation, giving you the information you need to make the correct decisions.

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Enhance Your Data Analytics with BankBI and Temenos

As well as automated reporting, our fully-integrated software gives you access to unparalleled data analytics.

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  • Gain valuable insights into key financial data with BankBI’s powerful analysis and automated data extraction software. From KPIs, to balance sheets and income statements, CFOs gain a comprehensive overview of their financial health.
  • Run directly from Temenos T24’s core banking system, our integration lets you enjoy fast and efficient close-of-business processing.
  • Eliminate discrepancies in your financial data. Upon integration, BankBI’s daily reconciliation functionality identifies inconsistencies within your T24 or external general ledger — improving the accuracy and reliability of reports.
  • Customisable data extracts (compatible with any version of Temenos T24) help you meet local reference reporting fields.
  • Say goodbye to manual monthly reports with an automated, daily reporting cycle. Not only will this improve the accuracy of your financial data, it provides you with the bird’s-eye overview you need to make better-informed decisions.
  • Automate your financial analytics and reap the rewards. Mitigate risk and increase delivery speeds by removing key staff dependencies and eliminating data population errors.

Automate Regulatory Reporting for Peerless Financial Visibility

Win back time and improve financial transparency in your organisation. Consolidate loan and deposit report schedules into a wide array of relevant categories: maturity band, sector, currency, residential status.

Delivered on time, every time. Reconcile internal accounts with regulatory reports to ensure your reports are accurate and delivered on time.

Scalable regulatory reporting. Populate literally hundreds of regulatory reports simultaneously with loan, deposit, and sundry other financial information.

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Get More From Your Data

Get in touch with BankBI today to discuss integrating our unrivalled banking analysis software with Temenos T24. We'll help you understand how to gain maximum value from your data and streamline financial reporting within your organisation.

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