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Temenos T24 Integration

Temenos T24 Integration

Combine the analytic power of BankBI with the world’s most popular banking platform

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Automated Financial Reporting

With our automated banking system integration, Temenos core banking data is augmented by BankBI’s analytics to produce comprehensive, consolidated financial reports—providing banks with daily insight into total financial position and health.

Temenos T24 core banking

With BankBI, Temenos T24 users can:

Automate data extraction

Perform powerful financial analysis and automate data extraction. Get to the heart of key financial data such as KPIs, balance sheets, and income statements. 

T24 core banking system

Run the integration directly from the T24 core banking system as part of close-of-business processing.

T24 general ledger

Remove the risk of mismatches in the data. BankBI’s daily reconciliation identifies discrepancies with an external or T24 general ledger.

Customise extracts

Customise extracts to meet local reference reporting fields for any version of Temenos T24.

Automated daily reporting cycle

Gain accurate, up-to-date insight into financial health by moving away from manual weekly or monthly reports to an automated daily reporting cycle.

 Automate all reporting processes

Mitigate risk by removing key staff dependecies. Eliminate data population errors and increase delivery speeds by automating all processes.  

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Benefits for Banking Groups

Simplify the consolidation of data and reporting across a whole microfinance network or banking group, even if several versions of Temenos T24 are being used.

BankBI offers standard extracts which can be configured for each country to retain local reporting requirements while standardising reporting at group-level.

Using BankBI, banking groups can implement multiple countries in parallel—accelerating the extraction of value from data stored anywhere in the group.


Benefits for Banking Groups

Automate Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory reports

Populate hundreds of regulatory reports with financial, loan and deposit data using our data model.

Report schedules of loan and deposits

Report schedules of loan and deposits organised by maturity band, central bank sector, foreign or local currency, residential status and other categorisations.

Regulatory reports reconcile to the bank’s internal management accounts

BankBI can even show how regulatory reports reconcile to the bank’s internal management accounts.

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