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Bank Regulatory Reporting Automation

Produce error-free reports, improve efficiency, and free-up resources with automated bank regulatory reporting

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Our Regulatory Reporting Automation Enables You To:

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Reconcile the management accounts of the bank to the regulatory balance sheet and income statement

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Break the balance sheet down into schedules to analyse loan and deposit data by customer and product attributes

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Analyse transactional data to support operational regulatory reporting requirements 

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Support new regulatory requirements, and empower your finance department to respond to these changes easily and cost-effectively

We Provide the Following Features to Fully Support Your Regulatory Reporting Requirements:

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  • A financial data model that fully supports mapping your bank's general ledger data to the Central Bank chart of accounts and reconciling it back to your management accounts
  • The capacity to store core banking data at a customer and product attribute level
  • The ability to apply business transformation rules to ensure the attributes required for reporting are mapped correctly, such as:
    -     Customer Type
    -     Industry/Sector
    -     Maturity Bands
    -     Products and product types

How We Do It:

  • Standard File Format Data Extract
  • General Ledger Account Balances
  • Report Schedules
  • Data Transformation
  • Transaction Analytics
  • Automated Report Production
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Product Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Master Data Model Inc:
    - Loans
    - Investments
    - Customer Types
    - Local Currency (LCY)
    - Foreign Currency (FCY)
    - Balance Ranges
    - Deposit
    - Maturity Bands
    - Resident / Non-Resident
    - Rural / Urban
    - Sector
    - Transaction

How You’ll Benefit From Automating Your Banking Regulatory Reporting:

  • Harness new cloud technology
  • Utilise standard extracts to collect loan, deposit, account, customer, and transaction data
  • Use the cloud to run the daily extract and transformation process as a service
  • Realise report process efficiencies
  • Automate reports and enable redeployment of headcount
  • Manage business rules via an enterprise software application
  • Manage risk
  • Improve credibility with regulators
  • Reduce errors via daily reconciliation of core banking data to balance sheet and income statement
  • Improve performance
  • Empower your finance department to meet current and future requirements
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Automate Your Regulatory Reporting

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