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BankBI launches on Microsoft Azure In Q2 2020 In Johannesburg

by Connor Blake on January 28, 2020

BankBI today confirmed its Q2 2020 plans to launch their Financial Performance Management and Reporting solutions on Microsoft Azure in Johannesburg.

This marks another step in BankBI’s growth plans following the recent investment by CMFG Ventures, the venture capital arm of Cuna Mutual Group.

The deployment will allow any of their 15 African Banking and Financial Services customers to take full advantage of their cloud applications closer to home.

A Milestone For African Banking

Graham Goble, CEO of BankBI applauded the forthcoming launch:

“Today is a milestone moment for our 15 existing customers across 11 African countries. The BankBI launch on Microsoft Azure in Africa is a sign of our ongoing commitment to the African market and our existing customers across the continent.”

Back in 2019, Microsoft opened its first datacentres in Africa with the general availability of Microsoft Azure. Since then, it's proved instrumental in providing digital transformations and cloud services to local businesses. 

The BankBI launch supports the continued development in the area, furthering the availability of cloud infrastructure for its customers.

“It will allow our African Banking and Financial Services CFO's and CEO's to take full advantage of our market-leading cloud applications hosted in their region."

New Opportunities

At BankBI, we aim to provide all of our customers with access to reliable numbers, intuitive reporting, and powerful cloud-based business intelligence software, wherever they are.

This development furthers our continued promise to our existing customers across the globe and will help us extend our reach for the future.

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