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Banking Business Intelligence & Analytics for Financial Institutions

Automated Financial Reporting & Banking Analytics Software 

  For CEOs & CFOs of banks, credit unions & microfinance networks 

VisionFund Banking Business Intelligence Case Study
Sagicor Banking Business Intelligence Case Study
  • Tandia Business Intelligence Banking Case Study

    “The actual technology and application is very slick and easy to use – everyone that uses it knows where to get the information”

    Tandia Associate Vice President, Joe Agro

  • Premier Business Intelligence Banking Case Study
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    “The people at BankBI bent over backwards to make the process easy and make sure that the day-to-day running of the business was not impacted.”

    Premier Credit CEO, Tim Carson

End-to-End Automation
for CEOs and CFOs

Replace inaccurate, time-consuming, and manual reporting processes with fully automated financial & banking analytics software

Banking business intelligence software

Using BankBI you can:

  • Calculate industry standard financial ratios
  • Produce budget and time-series variance reports
  • Generate monthly management reports and board packs
  • Assemble and populate regulatory reports
  • Identify branch and customer trends
  • Monitor daily balance sheet movements
  • Close and publish the financial month end quickly
  • Integrate data from core banking and general ledger systems for automated financial reporting

Benefits for CEOs and CFOs

CEOs and CFOs can benefit from BankBI’s intuitive dashboards, automated reporting, and pre-packaged applications.

business intelligence banking tools


  • Track daily growth in loans & deposits across regions & branches
  • Verify product balances & revenue to finance’s numbers
  • Track regions & branches strategic goals & targets
  • Check interest rate trends on new loans & deposits
  • Examine the credit quality of the loan portfolio

Interactive Financial Performance


  • Access to a daily balance sheet & income statement 
  • Maintain month end financial adjustments
  • Close the financial month end efficiently & quickly
  • Automate preparation of monthly management accounts
  • Complete & verify central bank regulatory reporting automatically

The simple solution to financial automation

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