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Codebase Technologies partners with BankBI

by Connor Blake on January 18, 2021

Topics: Financial Reporting | Performance Management | Codebase

The collaboration with BankBI will automate financial, product, and customer-related performance management and data driven insights essential for Banks to measure, monitor, and manage their overall performance more effectively in times of change. 

Codebase Technologies, is a leading Global Banking solutions provider at the forefront of the emerging FinTech ecosystem enabling both conventional and Islamic banks and financial institutions. 

The partnership with BankBI will enable fully automated daily insights delivered straight to stakeholders, enabling the CEO to take daily data driven decision and for the CFO and the office of Finance to focus on managing financial performance by growing the balance sheet, managing profitability, and delivering efficiencies. 

Codebase Technologies’ Managing Partner, Raheel Iqbal, commented:

“with this partnership we are delivering on our mission to further demystify digital financial services. BankBI delivers pre-packaged Banking Business Intelligence Software for conventional and Islamic Banks to automate away many of the current manual reporting tasks for financial, product, and customer performance. With BankBI our Digibanc and IslamicBanker customers can now manage their financial performance management on a daily basis.”  


BankBI CEO, Graham Goble, commented:

“We’re excited to partner with Codebase suite of digital banking solutions.  With this integration we can help Banks achieve results in days, not years, and enable the senior management in the Banks to make informed, daily, data-driven decisions to manage their financial performance and effectively unlock the power of their Banking data. .” 


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