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Fusion Credit Union Chooses BankBI and Celero to Automate Financial Performance Management and Regulatory Reporting

by Connor Blake on November 17, 2021

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Celero and BankBI’s collaboration is enabling Canadian credit unions like Fusion to gain access to insightful data from their core systems through an automated process.

For Fusion, this solution will enable their executives and finance and risk teams to better understand and drive performance through balance sheet growth, profitability management, and an ongoing focus on efficiencies.

"By enabling information to flow daily from our core banking and Prologue™ Financials software, we can make better informed, data-driven decisions to manage our financial performance. With BankBI we continue to deliver on our mission to support members with financial guidance, community investment and member-focused innovation, and we believe BankBI will help us deliver results in better returns and experience for our members"

Kelly Brook, CFO, Fusion Credit Union

Enabling Data-Driven Insights for Better Financial Performance

Through the BankBI platform, financial leaders can better manage their overall financial performance – the solution links data from credit unions’ internal technology platforms and translates the data into insights that can both drive profitability and reduce costs.

“We value the opportunity to work with Fusion Credit Union to enable their financial leaders to advance their financial performance management and help them deliver great results for their employees and members,

We are committed to facilitating success for the Canadian credit union system, alongside Celero, who has been instrumental in increasing awareness and the benefit of our solution within the system.”

BankBI CEO, Graham Goble

About BankBI

BankBI is a role-based application designed to deliver the top-down daily performance dashboards needed by the Credit Union CEO, CFO, COO, and all the other stakeholders to work more effectively, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

We've designed BankBI specifically to accelerate your performance management to daily and to automate management and regulatory reporting - freeing up time and resources from your busy teams to create value for your members.

As a testament to our value, we now have 60 customers in 40 countries, and a rapidly growing portfolio of Credit Union customers in Canada.

About Fusion Credit Union

Fusion Credit Union is a full-service financial institution serving over 30,000 members across 18 branches in the Parkland and South Western Manitoba.

With assets under administration exceeding $1.3 billion, Fusion has the capacity, the commitment, and the unique opportunity to support prosperity and growth in their home communities like no one else can.

About Celero

Celero is a leading provider of digital technology and integration solutions to credit unions and financial institutions across Canada.

Clients trust Celero’s proven track record delivering innovative banking technologies, digital and payment solutions, cloud computing, outsourcing, IT and advisory services. Celero offers reliability and security through its world-class hosted banking system and data center operations.

With key partnerships across the globe, Celero also brings the scale and extensive capabilities of multinational technology companies and the focused expertise of fintech startups.

Talk to Celero and BankBI

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BankBI and Celero can help your business stay ahead of technology trends, ensuring you can make informed, data-driven decisions based on actionable insights driven by your core banking and general ledger systems. 

Celero and BankBI are hosting demos for interested credit unions. Contact your account executive or reach Celero here to set up a demo.

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