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How BankBI Helped VisionFund Gain Visibility and Control Over its Portfolio

by Paul Sutherland on April 20, 2018

Topics: Microfinance | Financial Reporting | news

Since engaging with BankBI, global microfinance network VisionFund International (VFI) has gained visibility and control over its operational portfolio. Visibility that is providing insights into financial and social performance data and accelerating VFI’s overall transformation strategy.

VFI is engaged in a multi-year transformation programme to standardise core banking and financial system platforms and one of the problems they faced was very limited visibility over data. VFI reached out to ‘the obvious’ vendors before connecting with BankBI via their past experience in the Temenos market.

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The Fast Track to Success

Initially, the plan was to install BankBI within each of the 30-plus MFIs in line with the transformation programme, and in the MFIs where this has been done the daily portfolio reporting and deep financial analysis BankBI offers have given VFI a level of control they had previously found impossible to achieve.

Tom Allen, VFI Global Director of Change & Programmes says:

”BankBI’s previous experience with T24 along with their remote implementation methodology has meant we’ve been able to get up and running in those sites really quickly. It’s a powerful combination for institutions like ours.”

However, waiting for the core systems rollout meant VFI was going to have to wait too long for the analytics insights it desperately needed. The solution has been a ‘FastTrack’ programme where approaching 30 MFIs upload their loan portfolios directly to BankBI in Microsoft Azure.

A complete rollout of the BankBI system including full financial analytics is still very much the plan. However, in the interim, the process has been streamlined into something that is both valuable and readily achievable.

Providing the most critical information in the shortest possible time, a global analysis of the VFI network operational portfolio.

“In practical terms this means not just that BankBI have the software and a highly effective implementation methodology but the willingness to go the extra mile to get us where we want to be. In that sense BankBI has given us back the reins.”

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