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Priority Activator Consulting Kenya and BankBI Collaborate On Expanding Data-Driven Analytics Solutions

by Connor Blake on February 17, 2021

Topics: Banking Performance | Partnership

Priority Activator Consulting and BankBI, a UK-based fintech, are pleased to share they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the intention to bring forward data-driven financial and banking performance solutions to Kenyan Banks, Saccos, and Microfinance Groups.

The MOU enables the two organizations to explore how BankBI’s cloud-based banking business intelligence solutions can serve to expand the data and analytics available to Kenyan financial institutions.

It also enables them to identify operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve profitability, and help drive and manage performance goals with daily actionable insights and driver-based planning.

“BankBI provides an innovative, data-driven foundation that enables financial leaders in the Kenyan banking industry to better manage their overall performance and anticipate organizational change and opportunities. We are excited about the MOU, and the possibility of working with BankBI to offer solutions to Kenyan Banks, Saccos, and Microfinance Groups to position them for success in the future.”

Erick Ngala, Managing Partner of Priority Activator Consulting.

Informed Decisions Driven By Daily Relevant Insights

The BankBI platform enables Kenyan financial leaders to better manage their overall financial performance by linking data from internal technology platforms and translating the data into insights that can reduce costs and drive profitability.

“We are excited to partner with Priority Activator Consulting to provide a comprehensive suite of out of the box functionality to further help the flow of information and to allow the Banks and Saccos to better manage and grow the business for their members and employees,”

BankBI International Business Director, Connor Blake shares, adding:

“Because PAC is rooted in the Kenyan finance services system, they have been invaluable for increasing awareness of our solution and helping us gain traction in Kenya.”

The MOU strengthens the collaborative relationship between PAC and BankBI, as they work together to determine how they can best serve Banks, Saccos, and Microfinance groups across Kenya using cloud-based, data-driven, insights into their organizational performance.

This represents a significant opportunity for the system’s future competitiveness.

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About BankBI

BankBI was born out of the desire to deliver the kind of analytics and automated management reporting long desired by the Banking and Credit Union industry, but which conventional methodologies were failing to deliver.

The vision was and is to leverage the efficiencies brought by cloud architecture to deliver an analytics application that is deployed remotely needing no local infrastructure or expensive skills, maintained centrally in a multi-tenant environment, and implemented quickly using a pre-configured data structure.

This provides management with the timely, trustworthy information they need, when they need it, and in a low-cost subscription model.

About Priority Activator Consulting (PAC)

PAC advisors help African SMEs and Corporate Institutions to maximize their performance. The firm offers its clients a consortium of partners and specialists in diverse management and innovation consulting services.

PAC has a rich combination of experiences in Government, SME, Non-Government and Corporate sectors. The company offers comprehensive, integrated, and innovative Human Capital advisory Services, Capacity building & training, Management advisory, financial advisory, Strategy development implementation and review.

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