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CFO Innovations in Banking: Automating Regulatory and Finance Reporting Processes

by Connor Blake on February 3, 2020

Topics: Financial Reporting | Regulatory Reporting

On the 20th February at 1pm GMT/UTC, 4pm EAT/9am AST, BankBI's Director of Business Development, Connor Blake, and BankBI CEO Graham Goble are hosting a webinar on the advantages of automated regulatory reporting.

Regulatory Reporting Without the Fuss

Our webinar reviews the current opportunities for automation in regulatory and finance reporting processes.

We highlight how the traditional, manual approach to regulatory reporting the majority of banks follow is:

  • Time-consuming
  • Inefficient
  • Error-prone
  • Opaque

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The BankBI Difference

We then compare this to BankBI’s automated, cloud-based solution, explaining how this enables you to:

  • Streamline the reporting process without compromising the accuracy of your data (saving hundreds or even thousands of hours).
  • Transition from a monthly or quarterly, to a daily reporting cycle.
  • Leverage powerful analytics tools to gain deeper business insights and manage risk.
  • Better organise report schedules for increased control.
  • Eliminate errors to preserve the integrity of your reports.
  • Adapt to changing regulatory requirements, making it easier to remain compliant with central bank regulations.
  • Create a clear audit trail for complete financial visibility, even down to the branch level.

We also take a closer look at how we helped transform regulatory reporting at Stanbic Bank Zambia. Before taking you under the bonnet of BankBI’s cloud-native business intelligence software to reveal exactly how we go about simplifying the process of regulatory reporting.

Your Questions Answered

The webinar will conclude with a short, 15-minute Q&A session.

Here, you’ll be able to pick our brains on any of the topics covered during the demonstration. Whether that’s the specific benefits to be gained from migrating to our automated, software as a service model, or more technical questions about the way we construct your reports.

We recommend preparing your questions in advance.

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