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How We Are Helping Organisations Understand and Measure Their Financial Performance

by Graham Goble on May 15, 2018

Topics: Insider | Financial Reporting | Banking Business Intelligence

It has been just over four years since BankBI set out on its mission to provide financial services organisations with a pre-packaged web-based application and platform to rapidly deploy automated financial reporting and loan/deposit analysis and dashboards for the enterprise.

Graham Goble

We set off with a strapline of ‘New thinking. Real Answers’ and would like to believe that we are now delivering on that ambition.

With over 60 customers in over 40 countries, we believe our fixed price implementation with simple annual subscriptions is capturing the imagination of both end-users and IT departments.


Harnessing the Cloud

We believe that we are harnessing the power of new cloud-based technology and responsive web application design to generate efficiencies by automating reporting processes that are too dependent upon Excel-based techniques.

Through this automation and accelerating reporting to a daily process, financial institutions can both manage and reduce risk and therefore improve decision making and hence their performance.

With customers ranging from banks, credit unions and microfinance institutions we are proving that a single multi-tenant cloud-based application can deliver the benefits of a shared platform across customers as well as a unique view of each customer’s financial reports and board packs according to their product mix and chart of accounts.

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Addressing the Challenges Our Customers Face

All financial institutions are unique in one way: their geography, their mission and their customers and products define their presence in the market.

However, they are not unique in the challenges they face in measuring and understanding the performance of their organisations.

To address this BankBI accommodates each customer’s unique chart of accounts and product mix and allows the BankBI web application to be branded in the customer’s colour scheme and logo, all within a single common application codebase.

This common codebase or application means that we can fully automate the generation of a ‘best of breed’ set of ratios, reports and dashboards for all customers out of the box once their chart of accounts has been mapped into BankBI.

How Our Experience Has Shaped Our Perspective

For over 30 years senior staff at BankBI have worked in the banking and financial services market delivering business intelligence solutions. This experience has given us a unique perspective on how to both package and deliver high quality financial and operational performance metrics.

Our experience has taught us that all financial institutions have the same broad performance dimensions and challenges. They have customers that interact with them via channels, branches and relationship managers for product and services.

So within this context, if you know what to measure and how often you need to monitor it you have the basis for solid performance analysis. It is this new thinking that measure + monitor equals the ability to both manage and improve decision making which in turn will deliver a financial institution with real answers.

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