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Microcred Selects BankBI for Performance Management

by Simon Goble on June 19, 2017

Topics: Financial Reporting | Banking Business Intelligence | Banking Performance

We are delighted to announce that Microcred Group, the provider of financial inclusion solutions within Africa and China, has chosen our Business Intelligence software applications for worldwide deployment to support its strategy for growth, efficiency and robustly supported decision making.

Microcred Harnesses the Power of the Cloud

In implementing our software, Microcred will be leveraging a multi-tenant cloud solution that meets today’s needs and supports Microcred’s growth plans as they transition from the microfinance world into retail banking.

All our software is deployed in Microsoft Azure and has pre-built integration to Microcred’ s existing accounting applications and core banking system, Temenos T24.

Denis Moniotte, Chief Innovation Officer and CTO at Microcred said:

“What impressed us about the BankBI solution was how rapidly they deployed a proof of concept using one of our African entities. In a very short time they demonstrated the ability to load current data along with history and provide pre-built reports, dashboards and analysis out of the box. A scalable, subscription based multi-tenant cloud solution also compliments our need to grow our business but at the same time control our costs: with no additional infrastructure investments BankBI was the ideal solution.”

CEO and founder of BankBI, Graham Goble said:

“We very happy with Microcred’s decision to select BankBI. This further cements BankBI’s position as a leading business intelligence application in this space and the ability of our performance management solution to scale and grow with the current and future needs of our clients. With more than fifty clients now in over forty countries BankBI is rapidly demonstrating the power of true multi-tenant cloud applications that can deliver on price, speed of deployment and guarantee implementation success anywhere in the world.”

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

We're excited to begin this journey with Microcred and look forward to them being another one of our many successful customers. If you'd like to learn more about how to implement BankBI's banking business intelligence software for your financial institution, why not book an online demo with one of our experts.

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