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Peace Hills Trust Automates Regulatory Reporting with BankBI

by Graham Goble on May 6, 2022

Topics: Performance Management | Regulatory Reporting | Partnership

Canada’s only independent Trust Company takes regulatory reporting and financial performance management to the next level.

We’re delighted to announce that Peace Hills Trust has chosen BankBI to automate their regulatory reporting and financial performance management.

The partnership will unlock powerful, daily insights that Peace Hills Trust can use to further their mission of supporting businesses and indigenous communities across Canada.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with Peace Hills Trust and extend our Canadian regulatory reporting capability to cover OSFI, in addition to the work we're doing with Credit Unions and their respective provincial regulators.

Graham Goble

An Automated Cloud Platform for Managing Growth

BankBI is an automated cloud platform that allows financial institutions to transform their general ledger and core banking data into strategic assets. Accurate, daily insights support the entire decision-making process, helping finance teams:

  • Grow their balance sheet
  • Manage profitability
  • Operate more efficiently

Commenting on the new partnership, Peace Hills Trust Vice President and CFO Suman Dhaliwal said:

“We’ve been looking to implement a solution that can provide automation and efficiencies in the finance department to satisfy both internal management reporting needs and external regulatory commitments.

BankBI’s experience working with financial institutions in Canada and their technical knowledge of our core systems was very impressive.”

Suman Dhaliwal CPA, CA
Vice president and Chief Financial Officer, Peace Hills Trust

Vice President Jason Conant, meanwhile, highlighted the benefits the BankBI solution will provide to the company’s decision-making process:

“Having a single performance management and analytics solution that supports financial automation, as well as providing insightful and actionable business intelligence, will add tremendous value to the decision-making process at Peace Hills Trust. “

Jason Conant
Vice President, Information Services, Peace Hills Trust

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About BankBI

BankBI is a role-based application designed to deliver the top-down daily performance dashboards that CEO, CFO, COO, and branch stakeholders need to work more effectively – whenever and wherever they’re based.

We designed BankBI to accelerate financial performance management and automate regulatory reporting in today’s financial institutions, freeing up time and resources for busy teams. As a testament to the value we deliver, BankBI now has 60 customers in 40 countries, as well as a rapidly growing presence among Canada’s financial institutions.

About Peace Hills Trust

Peace Hills Trust is Canada’s largest and oldest First Nations owned and federally regulated financial institution. It’s also Canada’s only independent Trust Company.

In 1972, the Samson Cree Nation embarked on an ambitious project to satisfy the unique financial needs of the Native community. The project culminated with the incorporation of Peace Hills Trust on November 19th, 1980.

The company’s main objective is to provide financial and trust services to First Nations and their communities on a national basis. Peace Hills Trust follows a regional branch structure to position itself, on or off-reserve, to serve the largest number of First Nations’ customers in each area.

In addition, Peace Hills Trust serves many non-First-Nations customers.

An Exciting New Chapter Begins

It’s a privilege to work with Peace Hills Trust and help them on their mission to provide the best financial services to First Nations communities across Canada.

We can’t wait to start this new chapter of the BankBI story and see what the future holds.

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