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COVID-19 Financial Performance Management Resources Centre

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, extra visibility and insight into your financial and banking performance is now more valuable than ever.

Effective financial performance management is important in times of crisis. It can help your business:

  • Anticipate – predicting what lies ahead
  • Navigate –  course-correcting in real-time
  • Communicate – continually and accurately with all stakeholders
  • Listen – to what you may not want to hear
  • Act – learn from this experience to apply in the future

At BankBI, we are continuously monitoring the situation to ensure our clients can access the software they need at this critical time. Our Financial Performance Management cloud-native solutions can support your essential remote working needs, and provide your business with daily tracking of financial or banking health.

Most importantly, our rapid deployment capabilities enable your business to begin using our Financial Performance Management applications in 1 month or less, and Regulatory Reporting within 2 months. All of this can be deployed remotely, as part of our continued efforts to keep both you, and our employees, safe.

Our mission has always been simple; to alleviate the pressure on financial professionals by providing access to information more effectively, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

We’d like to continue echoing this statement in everything we do. That’s why we’ve developed our COVID-19 Financial Performance Management Resource Centre to help you navigate this period of uncertainty. Here, you'll find valuable information and links to key content related to COVID-19, in addition to upcoming webinars, brochures, and blogs that will be most helpful to you.

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