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US Credit Union Analytics and Financial Performance Management

Regain control of financial performance in your credit union with our cloud-based analytics solution.

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Detailed Financial Performance Insights, Delivered from a Single Platform

BankBI gives you access to the tools you need to manage financial performance and perform detailed data analytics in a single platform. BankBI integrates directly with your core banking systems to provide finance teams with actionable, daily insights. It’s fast, intuitive, and requires no upfront investment in infrastructure.

“The can-do attitude of BankBI stood out here. We were open to ideas and they really worked with us to make sure that the end product was the best it can be. We are very happy with the result.”

Dennis Bauer, Ideal Credit Union
EVP and Chief Financial Officer

Access Powerful Peer Analytics with our Free Software

See how you compare to other credit unions in your peer group with our free Peer Analysis software. Assess financial performance over time and access powerful insights so you can monitor your strategy and identify new opportunities to grow.

  • Access 30+ performance reports across different categories, including capital ratios, asset quality, earnings ratios, productivity ratios, yield ratios, and risk ratios.
  • Use ”what if planning scenarios to forecast your credit union’s financial performance over the next five years .
  • Merge financial performance data from two credit unions to forecast financial performance over the next five years with ”what if merger analysis.
  • Receive a comprehensive, auto-generated PDF results packs to share with your colleagues every quarter.

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Automated Daily Finance Reporting

Save time, cut costs, and reduce stress with automated reporting. With BankBI, you have access to a wide range of daily insights, including:

  • Balance sheet movements
  • Income statement changes
  • Dashboards of key metrics to track throughout the month
  • Branch balance sheets and income statements.
  • Daily reconciliation report of general ledger balances and core banking data to identify potential differences.

Automated Daily
Branch & Loan
Officer Dashboards

Our banking performance management
solution enables you to
reconcile data from your core banking systems with your general ledger for unparalleled visibility. This lets you monitor loan and deposit performance across all your branches.

  • Track daily loan activity, with weighted average rates, by branch and loan officer .
  • Empower branch managers to monitor and manage performance with daily reports.
  • Review past due trends by past due bands to support your members when they need it most.

Automated Monthly Management & Board Reporting

Keep key stakeholders informed with accessible monthly finance reports. The process is fully automated, ensuring insights are as accurate and up to date as possible.

  • Automated PDF reports give stakeholders oversight of monthly credit union performance
  • Create interactive performance trend presentations during management meetings to bring your data to life.

Unlock Actionable Insights to Grow Your Credit Union

BankBI allows you to centralize and reconcile data from multiple sources, including loan applications, deposits , and more. Create actionable lists of opportunities to engage with your members and grow your credit union.

  • Take action to retain maturing loans and deposits.
  • Analyze the onboarding of new loans and deposits.
  • Relationship reporting to identify top members.
  • Risk Pareto charting to identify concentration risks.

Identify New Cross-Sell Opportunities

Better serve your members by ensuring they have the right products with BankBI’s cross-sell product matrix.

  • Identify members that have good credit scores but don’t have specific products, like credit cards.
  • Locate members with loans but no checking account within your credit union.

The Smart Way to Manage
Financial Performance

Whether you want to simplify financial performance management across your credit union with automation or unlock new insights with Peer Analysis, BankBI can help. Book a meeting to learn more.

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