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An Insider's View: My First Impressions of BankBI

by Godfrey Supka on May 10, 2018

Prior to joining BankBI I spent the previous 30 years helping international banks, microfinance institutions and credit unions implement systems to serve their customers and manage risks. 

I could see immediately that BankBI had the answer to a key problem facing the global banks and networks of microfinance institutions: How to manage the business effectively when each operating unit has its own core banking system?  Even when the same CBS is in use, it is often a different version, or is configured differently.  How could a head office manager apply the same controls and metrics across the group?  Generally this needs spreadsheets to be completed manually, often taking several weeks each month to complete, with no guarantee of accuracy.

I could see that BankBI puts on the desktop of the manager the daily reality of each operating unit – and all units combined – in a single, identical online presentation.

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The second key impression was that of deep banking skills and experience.  I had encountered Business Intelligence previously in my career, but usually what was offered was a set of tools, with the potential to build a dashboard of KPIs.  BankBI’s approach is from the opposite end.  It starts with the standard KPIs needed by most banks, MFIs and credit unions, and maps the existing systems to those KPIs.  BankBI is not a BI generalist but a banking specialist.  The implementation presents the client with a finished product of validated and reconciled data, ready for management decisions.

Finally, my experience has been mainly with client-server systems, and those simply hosted in the cloud.  I know that the last thing most financial institutions need is another system to manage, especially those with limited technical resources.  BankBI is a native cloud application, built from the ground up on Azure.  Therefore, there is only ever one version in existence, and all the client needs is a browser.

My main focus is managing the roll-out of BankBI in large global networks of MFIs.  It’s great to see clarity emerging, as more of the operating units come on line.  We are learning from them too, and adding new KPIs and methods of presentation that they need to drive the business.  My next task will be help the clients add regulatory and social performance reporting to the mix. 

BankBI is a great team with a great product, and I’m very happy to be part of it!

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