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Financial Performance Management Blog

How Automation Can Improve Reporting Processes for Credit Unions

How We're Improving Financial Performance and Regulatory Reporting for Canadian Credit Unions

CUNA GAC 2023: What to Expect from this Year’s Conference?

Peace Hills Trust Automates Regulatory Reporting with BankBI

CUNA GAC 2022: A Q&A with BankBI CEO Graham Goble

3 Key Takeaways from the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference 2022

Fusion Credit Union Chooses BankBI and Celero to Automate Financial Performance Management and Regulatory Reporting

Data Management in Banking: How Do You Unlock Value?

Why Partner with BankBI?

How to Create Innovation Within Your Financial Institution

How to Get Started With Financial Automation

How to Transform African Banking

Tech Nation Announces International Growth Programmes in the Asia-Pacific Region

Facing Extinction – What African Banking Needs to Learn from Rhino Conservation

How CFOs are Shaping the Future of Kenyan Banking

The 4 Key Benefits of Automated Regulatory Reporting

Elite Consulting Management Services BankBI Release

Opencanvas Consulting and BankBI Expand Data-Driven Performance Management and Analytics Solutions Available to Zambian Banks

Priority Activator Consulting Kenya and BankBI Collaborate On Expanding Data-Driven Analytics Solutions

Crossroads Credit Union Automates Financial Performance Management with BankBI and Celero

Join Us for Our Webinar – DATA: The Driving Force

Codebase Technologies Partners with BankBI

BankBI Integrates with Musoni, Award-Winning Digitalisation Partner for Microfinance

Is it Time for Banks to Automate their Prudential Regulatory Reporting?

40 Years and Counting: From a PC DOS Solution to Cloud-Based Financial Performance as a Service

Why Sound Financial Performance Management Enables Credit Union Sustainability

BankBI Selected to Participate in Tech Nation Fintech 3.0

How CFOs Can Automate Daily Loan and Deposit Portfolio Analysis in 3 Days

A Message from Our CEO, Graham Goble

CFO Innovations in Banking: Automating Regulatory and Finance Reporting Processes

BankBI launches on Microsoft Azure In Q2 2020 In Johannesburg

Three More US Credit Unions Choose BankBI for Financial & Banking Analytics

Two More US Credit Union CFOs Choose BankBI to Automate Financial Reporting & Banking Analytics

It's Time to Harvest Your Data from OnApproach's M360 (DW) with BankBI

Financial Reporting Challenges Faced by CFOs of Banks & Credit Unions

How We're Helping CFOs of Banks and Credit Unions to Automate Finance

BankBI Release New Features for Report Translation

How Credit Unions Can Kick Start Their Data Analytics Efforts

How Credit Unions Can Automate Their Financial Reporting and Analytics

How We Are Helping Organisations Understand and Measure Their Financial Performance

An Insider's View: My First Impressions of BankBI

How BankBI Helped VisionFund Gain Visibility and Control Over its Portfolio

BankBI Selected for Regulatory Reporting by Stanbic Bank

BankBI are Attending the Analytics & Financial Innovation Conference 2018

How Ideal Credit Union Automated Financial Reporting

5 Key Challenges of Integrating BI & Analytics with Temenos T24

The Power of Central Data Management in the Microfinance Industry

5 Key Benefits of Temenos T24 Integration

Financial Performance vs Banking Performance

A Review of 7 Key Banking Software Integrations

5 Reasons Why Analytics Are the Key to Banking Growth

New Report: Track Your Loan Officers' Portfolio at Risk

Review the Product Performance of Your Loan Officers

Data Science Roundup: The Future of Banking Business Intelligence

Microcred Selects BankBI for Performance Management

Credit Union of Texas Selects BankBI for Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our Community Credit Union Chooses BankBI for Business Intelligence & Analytics

The Power of Flash Reporting in Banks

What Reporting Challenges Do Bank Finance Departments Face?

Enabling CFO Analysis of the Bank Efficiency Ratio

How Can Banking Business Intelligence Deliver Efficiency Gains?

What is Financial Performance Management in Banking?

New BankBI Release in August 2016

3 Liquidity Ratios for Microfinance

3 Asset Quality Ratios and Metrics for Microfinance

Credit Union Analytics, Financial Innovation, and Collaboration

Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Bank Efficiency Ratio

4 Capital Adequacy Ratios for Microfinance

7 Profitability Ratios and Metrics for Microfinance

BankBI are Sponsoring the Analytics and Financial Innovation Conference

An Inspiring TED Talk On Credit Scores for the Unbanked

10 Efficiency and Productivity Ratios and Metrics for Microfinance

Banking Business Intelligence Takes You Beyond Reporting

An Introduction to Financial Risk in Banking

Our 3 Favourite TED Talks On Social and Sustainable Investing

The Role of Business Intelligence in Banking Strategy

BankBI are Exhibiting at Dot Finance Africa

Banking Technology Today and Tomorrow: A Perspective on Progress

BankBI are Sponsoring the 12th Annual Global Microfinance Forum

Just Released! BankBI Acumen - Answering the WHY Questions

How Business Intelligence Helps Premier Credit Manage Its Growth

10 Reasons to Consider Banking BI in the Cloud

10 Signs You Need to Improve Your Banking BI

5 Ways to Ensure Banking BI Success

What Do BI and Analytics Mean for Midsize Financial Institutions?

The BankBI Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for Banking in 2016

Choosing a BI Application for Your Financial Institution?

How to Know When it's Time to Ditch Excel

How to Defend Your Credit Union Against Key-Person Dependency

How Tandia Moved Away from Excel-Based Financial Reporting

What Microfinance Institutions Can Learn from Kids Company

Balancing and Effective Reporting of Financial and Social Performance

What does Performance Management mean to Microfinance Networks?

Can the Cloud Solve Historical Financial Reporting Challenges in Banking?

6 Challenges Faced By Financial Institutions in Financial Reporting and Performance Management

How to Provide Relevant, Reliable, and Timely Financial Reports for Microfinance Networks

CFOs of Microfinance Organisations Need to Automate Their Financial Reporting - Here's Why

Answering the Question: What Keeps Community Bank Executives Awake at Night?

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